Absence & Time Management

“The Payworks payroll solution is very user friendly. I really like the pay grid feature, and the reporting is easy to use.”


Absence Management Features

Our Absence Management module lets you intelligently and efficiently track employee absences through an easy-to-use time off request system that fully integrates with our Payroll and Time Management modules. Tracking your employees’ time away has never been this simple.

Smart and Efficient Functionality

  • Integrated to Payroll, Employee Self Service, and Time Management for a seamless user experience
  • Easy-to-use design and navigation
  • Intelligent multi-day time off requests, including recognized weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Manager access to employee accrual balances
  • Manager and employee access to all historical information

Extensive Configuration Options

  • Highly customizable administrative functionality
  • Unlimited time off types with integration to payroll when applicable
  • Establish company and employee-based defaults, including typical workweeks
  • Configurable holiday calendars for different groups of employees
  • Optional ability to configure approval authorization for Absence Management

Powerful Manager Toolset

  • Manager request review dashboard
  • Calendar provides a monthly snapshot of team availability at-a-glance
  • Advanced filter capabilities to focus on absence types, departments, or specific people
  • Summary tables of employee activity across all absence types

Mobile-Optimized Employee Self Service

  • Time off request screens include a convenient balances table
  • Employees only see the holidays, time off types, and accrual balances that apply to them
  • Calendar view provides insight into a month at a glance with powerful filtering options and embedded request editing tools
  • Clean design that supports both simple requests and complex multi-day time off requests

Reporting and analytics

  • Robust standard reports
  • Extensive ad hoc custom reporting and dashboard capabilities

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