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“We chose Payworks because of the ease of use, support during implementation, and great value they offered.”


Workforce Analytics Features

Payworks’ Workforce Analytics solution enables you to evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance. Transform payroll costs, turnover, and timesheet and absence information into true business intelligence to ensure you’re making timely, data-driven decisions.

Easy to Use

  • View your data using pre-built reports and graphs
  • Apply filters to immediately view a subset of your data
  • Drill down on a graph to see more details
  • Change all graphs on the dashboard as you filter and drill
  • Set bookmarks to keep favourite filters applied to reports

Powerful Information Views

  • View data across multiple years
  • Compare this year’s data with last year’s for the same period
  • Use the combination of graphs to view the information in different ways at a glance
  • Set filters to see the time periods you’re interested in
  • Manipulate the data within the dashboards, reducing the need to export it

Integrated With Payworks Modules

  • View collections of Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time and Absence Management information
  • Combine consolidated information across all modules
  • Control user access and permissions to information within the reports using existing Payworks security

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