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“A benefit of using Payworks is having access to all of our payroll needs in one location through an application that we can use wherever we might be.”


Applicant Tracking Features

Payworks’ Applicant Tracking solution enables you to manage every part of the recruitment process from one central location. With 24/7 access and the support of a dedicated client service representative, Applicant Tracking streamlines recruitment activities from posting your first job to selecting and hiring the perfect person for the role.

Applicant Tracking: Your Complete Hiring Solution

  • Reduce legal and compliance-related HR risk
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to hire the right candidate
  • Securely store employee files in the cloud with bank level security
  • Job posting page with your company’s branding integrated to your website
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality

Identify Top Candidates

  • Track all communication with prospects and access this information anytime, anywhere
  • Interview candidates in person, over the phone, or virtually using the Applicant Tracking video conferencing system
  • Easily identify top candidates, take notes, rank candidates and much more
  • Copy or move a candidate to another position or location
  • Collect written, automated phone interview, or video responses to pre-screening questions

Hire Employees in a Fraction of the Time & Cost

  • Stay compliant, save thousands of dollars and countless hours in the hiring process
  • Distribute job postings to top job boards and social media sites in one click
  • Automatically create scheduled interviews in your Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar

Applicant Tracking Pro: Additional Benefits and More Functionality

Users looking for even more functionality and customization should consider Applicant Tracking Pro:

  • Initiate a new job post with full requisition functionality
  • Customize access levels for accounts using roles and permission settings
  • Create unlimited email templates and incorporate into an infinite number of hiring workflows
  • Evaluate new applicants using an unlimited number of customized ranking templates
  • Share calendar view of application-generated tasks and events
  • Using the company-specific database, view applicants and search based on tags, ratings, etc.
  • Attach documents (such as assessments, cover letters, and more) to a candidate’s profile
  • Add candidate resumes that were collected outside of Applicant Tracking Pro to jobs or the candidate database

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