Our Green Perspective

We’re sharing our new Green Perspective with clients, employees and partners by building environmentally-friendly practices into all aspects of our business. Below you will find information about the various Green Initiatives at Payworks.

Bullfrog Power

Payworks’ head office is bullfrogpowered® with 100% clean green electricity! In 2014, Payworks partnered with Bullfrog Power, and through this agreement, Bullfrog Power’s generators put 100% green electricity onto the grid to match the facility’s power consumption. By choosing green energy, Payworks is reducing its annual emissions footprint by hundreds of tonnes of CO2. Learn more about Bullfrog Power.

National Service Centre

We have made a commitment to invite environmentally friendly practices into our everyday office activities to assist in reducing our environmental footprint. These simple but effective improvements include:

  • We use our own products: our payroll is processed online, we are paid through direct deposit, and we receive pay statements electronically.
  • Recycling bins, including Recycle Everywhere bins, are placed in all common areas and in our lunchroom. Paper documents are shredded onsite and recycled.
  • We conduct the majority of our training sessions via online sessions/webinars and Go-to-Meetings, saving on transportation costs and emissions, paper printing costs, etc.
  • The National Service Centre features a motion and sound-activated lighting system and a state-of-the-art HVAC system that functions on preset occupancy schedules, both which work to reduce our energy consumption.
  • In lieu of mailing paper holiday cards, Payworks sends out an electronic version and makes a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada.
  • All copy paper used by the National Service Centre falls under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's Certified Sourcing label.
  • Payworks has engaged Green Action Centre for workplace training so that employees may learn more about how they can make environmentally-friendly choices and reduce their individual eco-footprints.
Working with our Customers and Suppliers to identify green solutions

As often as possible, Payworks promotes and encourages our clients to take advantage of our environmentally-friendly payroll options. As well, our commitment to environmentally friendly choices extends to the decisions we make when working with our suppliers.

  • We promote direct deposit payment options to all of our clients, in hopes of doing away with printing, mailing, and transport altogether.
  • When working with printing companies, Payworks always selects the more eco-friendly paper choice for our brochures, letterhead, and envelopes.
  • Payworks leans towards ordering promotional items that are made of recyclable or renewable materials whenever possible.
  • Rather than printing our annual Payroll Guide and Calendar resource for our clients, Payworks instead makes it available in electronic form on our website for anyone to download.
  • Payworks’ client newsletter is sent out electronically.
  • Payworks encourages our clients to select digital media for their year-end forms as opposed to the traditional paper format.