Synchronized Payroll & Benefits Data.

“Tandem has streamlined our payroll and benefits administration, and applying employee benefits rate changes is really simple. With the Payworks and Johnston Group platforms synchronized, we save time and know that our data is accurate. If we do need help, there is a knowledgeable service rep available.”

Tandem - Synchronized Payroll & Benefits Data

Canada’s leading payroll and benefit platforms have developed a truly synchronized solution, allowing administrators to input and maintain payroll and insurance data effortlessly.

Tandem is the only real-time integration of payroll and benefits for Canadian businesses and saves administrators time by conveniently streamlining workflow and eliminating double entry.

An Exclusive Offering

  • Available to Payworks customers who are also Johnston Group clients.

Simplified Premium Renewal

  • Rate changes for each benefit are automatically applied to employee records, meaning premium renewal time just got a lot less stressful.
  • Changes to employee deductions are calculated for you.

Convenience & Streamlined Workflow

  • With Tandem, you’ll spend significantly less time updating everything from employee records to benefit contributions. Skip all the extra steps, including manually calculating employee contribution rates.
  • No need to import files, print statements, make duplicate data entries or manage tedious spreadsheets. Tandem’s real-time integration has you covered.

Accuracy Every Time

  • Employee records and benefit changes update automatically so payroll and benefits are always accurate with no need to constantly reconcile.

Expert Advice

  • From employee onboarding to choosing the best benefit package for your business, our industry experts are at your service.

Intuitive & Intelligent

  • Never miss an enrollment or pay a claim for an unqualified employee again. Your payroll register and benefits work together.

For payroll and benefits professionals, Tandem is the only truly synchronized solution. Simply input data once, and it updates everywhere. Learn More

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