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HR Advisory Services Features

HR Advisory Services is a comprehensive owner and management tool that offers expert guidance, practical resources, and informative content. Industry professionals provide HR, legal, and financial guidance to improve your organization’s well-being while helping to ensure a healthy workforce.

Healthy Business Bookmark Website

  • Robust online library with carefully-curated HR resources and downloadable samples
  • Increase your knowledge and find answers to common HR dilemmas
  • Strategies for self-development, people management and business essentials
  • Access articles, infographics, podcasts, checklists, samples, links to legislation, and more

Unlimited Telephone Guidance With HR Professionals

  • Learn how to deal with unexpected HR events by accessing general or more specialized HR support
  • Gain clarification on new or existing legislation and how it might impact your obligations as an employer
  • Access to HR guidance at a maximum of two hours per issue for unlimited issues each calendar year

Customizable Management Services

  • Up to nine customizable hours per calendar year of additional support offered
  • Choose a mix of specialized HR advice, legal or financial guidance
  • Expert support ensures you’re well-informed and growing a stronger organization

Employee Counselling Referral

  • Refer employees affected by stress or other interpersonal issues for private counselling with a trained professional
  • Up to three hours of private counselling per employee per calendar year
  • Help employees get back on track towards better job performance and attendance

We’re better when we work together

We’ve partnered with Arete® HR Inc., whose mission is to consistently design and deliver the most effective solutions possible for the clients through excellent business and employee assistance programs.

HR Advisory Services was designed with you in mind to offer a versatile and insightful solution to best support the unique needs of your management teams. Visit to learn more.

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