Top reasons to outsource your workforce management with Payworks

When you choose us, your team expands to include our industry experts (who are committed to your success).

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Buy Yourself Some Time

Access solutions and advice that help you complete tasks more effectively so you can focus on growing your business.

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Keep Current and Compliant

Be kept in the loop on legislation changes and have tax forms, remittances, and ROEs submitted on your behalf.

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Simplify Administration

An integrated and automated single-database system with employee self service options saves both your and your team’s time.

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Make Your Accountant Smile

Get access to a breadth of reports that address reporting requirements while providing clarity and consistency.

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Partner With a Company That Has Your Back

Whether a complex legislative question arises or you’re simply seeking user tips, reach out to a contact who knows you by name – not a call centre.

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Access Info Easily and Securely

Rest assured when information security protocols and standards to safeguard personal and operational data include two-factor authentication.

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Start Looking Forward to Year-End

Receive step-by-step guidance each year in completing a year-end package that’s compliant and on schedule.

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Make Informed Business Decisions

Leading providers offer analytics and guidance that extend beyond payroll, giving businesses a hand up in planning for the future.

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Say Goodbye to One-Off Requests

Empower employees with access to a cloud-based system to view their pay statements, tax forms, company bulletins, documents, team calendar and schedule, and to submit TORs and set their availability.

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Find Strength in Numbers

Discover great service and products through third-party integrations, allowing your business to focus on what you do best.

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Save Money in the Process

Late remittance penalties can be costly. Your annual fees through a third-party provider may end up being less than one substantial penalty or fine.

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Find and Keep Your Best People

Manage every part of the employee lifecycle and support employee engagement from one central location.