What are small business stories?

These stories are Payworks’ love letter to all small businesses from coast to coast. Your entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and imagination make our communities stronger and more vibrant, and for that – we thank you!


Black Market Provisions

“As you can probably tell, I’m a talker! Talking to customers and developing relationships with them, and remembering their kids’ names and all of that is sort of who I am. And coming to work and hanging out with our team all day is the best part of our day for sure.”

- Alana Fiks

It’s all about the people in this “tiny but mighty” shop – including in their relationship with Payworks. Find out why!


Planet Pantry

“I’m really proud of us becoming a space where anyone can come as they are… sustainability looks different for everybody, but sustainability is for everybody. It’s been really eye-opening and really awesome to see how many people have wanted this for a long time.”

- Tyrell Witherspoon and Sam Soloway

Learn how this “package free and planet approved” refillery found sustainable solutions and an alignment of values with Payworks.


Jenna Rae Cakes

“It’s always surreal, especially when you think back to where we started. To go from one employee to now around 50, and to be able to have that kind of support, is really great. Sometimes going through this space and shutting off the lights, we’re like, ‘wow, this is our business? How did we get here?’”

- Jenna Hutchinson and Ashley Kosowan

Dig into Jenna Rae Cakes and learn how Payworks helps their team focus on growing the business and serving the community.


King + Bannatyne

“Identifying the right time for growth comes down to our team, and making sure everyone’s in the right place and has the tools they need to succeed without me having to be there. If you build a business around just yourself and you’ve got your hands in everything, you’re not going to be able to grow.”

- Mike del Buono

Feast your eyes on their tasty treats – and find out how Payworks has helped them grow by lending a hand with the “payroll” plate in their juggling act.



Reh-Fit Centre

When you come to the Reh-Fit Centre, you’re doing a lot more than just exercising. You’re getting to meet people, you’re getting support, you’re getting guidance from professionals… and you can also support others. I think that gives you meaning in life, when you can support others.”

- Sue Boreskie

Get to know this talented team of health and wellness professionals and how Payworks helps ensure they’re in the right place at the right time.



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