Manage recruitment from A to Z in one place.

Post to popular job boards, coordinate interview activities and flow information automatically into HR and Payroll.

Applicant Tracking solution features

Whether you’re a seasonal business, growing quickly or recruiting for positions in another region, here’s a smart way to manage the entire hiring process. 

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Central Communication

Stay organized by managing all recruitment activities and tracking communication from one central message centre.

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Posting in a Click

List to your own careers page as well as popular job boards and social media sites with ease.

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Hiring Workflows

Leverage the efficiency of automation by using hiring workflows that prompt actions depending on applicant status.

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Email Templates

Unlimited email templates help you standardize your hiring process and reduce workflow redundancies.

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Interview Scheduling

Offer and schedule flexible interview options, including in-person, phone or video conference.

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Payroll & HR Integration

Data and documents flow from Applicant Tracking to the new hire process, reducing errors and eliminating the need to rekey.

Get the most out of the Payworks suite.