Affordable, on-demand expert guidance? Yes please!

Expand your team without expanding your budget through designation-holding HR pros, CPAs and legal counsel who are there when you need them.

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Looking to take the legwork out of policy-making?

Access our Employee Policy Handbook to ensure your business is compliant and employees have a resource for staying in the know.

Explore best practice advice and curated downloadable samples online.

Find real-world examples and tools for managing your people (including yourself), including a sample reference check questionnaire, workplace accident investigation checklist, tool kits to help you manage stress, and more.

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HR Advisory Services features

Improve your organization’s well-being while helping to ensure a healthy workforce by taking advantage of expert guidance, helpful downloadable samples and informative HR content. 

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Employee Handbook

Leverage a comprehensive template that addresses topics related to conduct, employee benefits, health and safety, and more.

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Unlimited HR Advice

Gain access to confidential telephone guidance from industry professionals.

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Legal & Financial Guidance

Solve financial and legal challenges for your business by accessing specialized support from accredited legal and financial advisors.

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Employee Counselling

Offer private, professional counselling to help employees who are struggling with performance or absences to regain balance.

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Legislation Education

Gain clarity on new or existing legislation and how it might impact your obligations as an employer.

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24/7 Online Library

Equip and educate your people leaders with a robust online library of carefully-curated resources and best practice information.

Meet our HR Advisory Services partner.

We’re working together with Arete, a leading provider of Canadian business support solutions, employee and business assistance plans.

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Get the most out of the Payworks suite.

Our products are designed to work together and to help your team function most efficiently.