Time Management.

“We chose Payworks because it just seemed like a really easy solution that would save us a lot of time.”


Time Management Features

Data Input Options

  • S900 biometric finger reader clock
  • Mobile-optimized Employee Self Service Web Time
  • Employee self service timesheet
  • Software time clock
  • Data entry timesheet
  • Punch data imports (from POS systems meeting Payworks import specification)
  • Special order: HP3000E hand reader clock

Employee Policy and Legislative Compliance

  • Automated daily and weekly overtime calculations
  • Preconfigured provincial rules with optional company overrides
  • Statutory holiday pay calculations (including for casual employees)
  • Punch rounding and tardy punch management rules
  • Employee time off / entitlement management
  • Shift premium rules
  • Employee assignment of position/s, position/s rates, position pay grades

Integrated Scheduling

  • Shift templates
  • Position schedules
  • Scheduling agent to help automate schedule generation
  • Schedule change notifications
  • Employee availability tracking
  • Monitoring employee compliance to schedule

Employee Self Service

  • Mobile-optimized Web Time with quick at-a-glance user punch history
  • Mobile-optimized Timesheets are intuitive and include an hours summary table
  • Maintain availability information
  • View schedules

Manager Self Service

  • Supervisor timesheet approvals
  • Create and manage employee schedule
  • Management Reports and Analytics
  • Standard reports
  • Custom Ad Hoc Reports

Reporting & Analytics

  • No interfaces to manage - common database with Payroll, HR, Absence Management, and Self Service
  • Robust standard reports
  • Extensive ad hoc custom reporting and dashboard capabilities

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