Human Resources Information System.

“Our management team is now able to make more informed, data-driven decisions with the help of Payworks Analytics.”


Human Resources Features

Applicant Tracking

  • Create new job postings and submit to popular job boards
  • Track all communication with prospects
  • Collect written, phone, or video responses to pre-interview questions
  • Automatically schedule interviews in your calendar
  • Interview candidates online, over the phone, or in person

Employee Profile

  • Hiring Wizard
  • Tombstone information
  • Contact information
  • Emergency contact details
  • Client defined attributes

Compensation & Benefits Management

  • Position history
  • Benefit plan administration
  • Mass enrolment
  • Performance award management
  • Entitlement banks
  • Retirement planning

Employee Profile Management

  • Skills and certifications
  • Training and courses
  • Property and security control
  • Health and safety incidents
  • Union memberships and grievances
  • Document attachment

Performance Management

  • Performance reviews
  • Disciplinary action tracking

Employee and Manager Self Service

  • New mobile-optimized employee self service
  • Improve employee and manager engagement through timely access to personal information
  • Employee entry and edits to personal information such as emergency contacts
  • Role based personalization provides managers with customized screen access to their team of employees
  • Managers can setup new employee through Hire Wizard
  • Managers can review and maintain employee skills and competencies
  • Manager can complete performance appraisals and employee development plans

Reporting & Analytics

  • Comprehensive library of standard reports
  • User-friendly custom reports builder and new Dashboards

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