Are you planning an extended weekend and want to make sure the August long weekend is a general holiday in Saskatchewan? Do you need to know more about the legislation regarding overtime?

If so, you’ll find the information you need right here on the Payworks payroll and HR resources page.

Payworks Payroll Calendar

This calendar lists important dates and bank closures for 2022.

Download: 2022 Payroll Calendar (1.23 MB)

Payworks Payroll Guide

This handy desktop resource contains both legislative and regulatory information. Broken into two sections, it includes valuable payroll information at a glance:

  • Office & Financial Institution Closure Calendar
  • Payroll Labour Management Information
    • Pensionable Earnings
    • Vacationable Earnings
    • Leaves Chart
    • Special Payments / WCB Maximum Assessable Earnings
    • Statutory Holidays / Termination / Labour Standards
    • WCB Assessable Earnings
    • Tax Credits
    • Lump Sum Tax Rates
    • Chart of Insurability
Download: 2022 Payroll Guide (3.48 MB)

Stat Holidays

2020 Stat (General) Holidays
Canadian Statutory and civic holidays listed by province.

Government Payroll Legislation and Policy

Government Payroll Legislation
Minimum Wages, Overtime, Vacation Pay, Stat Holidays, Family Leave, Terminations

Garnishees and Third Party Payments
Process employee payroll garnishees, deductions and forms for online payment.

2022 TD1 Forms